Turkish yacht builder Alia Yachts set to expand

21st June 2019

Turkish yacht builder Alia Yachts has announced big expansion plans, with a new facility due for completion in July 2019.

The new facility will be adjacent to the current building yard, essentially creating a whole street block dedicated to Alia Yachts in the Antalya Free Trade Zone. 16,000sqm will be added to the existing 8,000sqm at the current facility, essentially tripling the size of the Alia Yachts site. 

A key feature of the new yard is five large construction halls of up to 90 metres, suitable for the building of large yachts. Two of these halls have the additional benefit of an extended ceiling height, allowing the construction of yachts up to 22 metres high, completely under cover. Numerous storage areas and workshops will also be included in the new site.

The existing Alia Yachts facility includes three construction halls with suites of specialist workshops and a dedicated interiors facility. The addition of the new yard will elevate Alia Yachts’ position to one of the top superyacht construction yards in Turkey. Alia’s founder and president, Gökhan Çelik, issued the statement, “This expansion will help us achieve three key objectives. Firstly, it will increase our production capacity and allow us to work simultaneously on more projects. Secondly, it will enable us to accommodate larger projects than our existing sheds currently allow. And last but not least, it will help grow our focus on the refit sector.” These three areas of growth suggest an exciting and busy future for Alia Yachts. 

Founded in 2008 by Çelik and his business partner Ömer Koray, Alia Yachts order history includes the delivery of four yachts over 30 metres since 2012. Three yachts are under currently under construction at the existing facility, including 32.4m Nozomi II, with a further three are in the final stages of contract negotiations.